International ROBOT Web Publicity Agency, is integrated by an alliance of good will between independent advertising and producing agents in different countries from the world… The common objective of this union is to develop the unified E-Commerce and to collaborate to make by means of  the commerce and the diffusion; nonpolluting technologies for Global Positive Change that restores the balance between Humanity an Nature…  ROBOT International Web Publicity Agency, está integrada por una alianza de buena voluntad entre agentes publicitarios y productores independientes en distintos países del mundo... El objetivo común de esta unión es desarrollar el E-Commerce unificado y colaborar mediante el comercio y la difusión de tecnologías no contaminantes para un Cambio Positivo Global que recupere el equilibrio entre Humanidad y Naturaleza...





Graphical design: Corporative image/Catalogues/Pamphlets/Publicity/Multimedia --Development Web: Design and Redesign/HTML and Flash/Programming in PHP/Seeking Data bases//Mailing/interactive Multimedia/CD/Edition of video/interactive Catalogues/audio Edition ...................Diseño Gráfico: Imagen Corporativa / Catálogos / Folletos / Publicidad / Multimedia --Desarrollo web: Diseño y Rediseños / HTML y Flash / Programación en PHP / Buscadores / Mailing / Multimedia / CD interactivos / Edición de video / Catálogos interactivos / Edición audio



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Robot Agency to meet the orders of its international clients subcontracts, directs and coordinates the work with expert personnel from all over the world

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Ceramic Design
Communication Design
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Film - Cinematography
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A well-designed website not only attracts more customers, it also consolidates your brand. With our solid experience in designing quality Web Sites, ROBOT has successfully helped many clients establish their company's images on the Internet. Our services include consulting on concept development, network design and development.

Concept development is the process of defining the high-level description of the content and features of a Web Site. The goal of concept development is to build the theory and ideas that drive the themes and functions of a successful Web Site. At this stage, ROBOT works with international clients and designer partners to plan the Web Site strategy.

ROBOT incorporates innovative design, information architecture, utility, and multimedia components into the structure of the Web Site. We have graphic design expertise to make sure pages are presented with effective use of text, white space, attractive images, animation, video and audio. With our knowledge of the information architecture and usability rules of the Web Site, we ensure that the user experience is pleasant and convenient so that visitors return.

Today, people want more and more dynamic Web Sites and therefore Web Site development becomes more and more complicated. To enhance the dynamic visual effects of a Web Site, we develop multimedia components using flash and visual shockwave. We also develop interactive features such as user search tools and message boards using advanced technologies such as Java applets, JavaScript, ASP, PHP and MySQL databases.

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We work to save the children of the planet and stop Global Warming. We have five years to be able to do it before breaking the threshold of 
1.5 to 1.8º C according to the WMO. Under these conditions, intercontinental structural droughts can occur and this can cause hundreds or billions of people to die of hunger. We are acting in time to avoid it. We invite all companies of good will to join us in our mission. We know what to do and how to do it.

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